Inspired Holidays : Clean Your House for Christmas (4 Christmas House Cleaning Tips !)

Christmas House Cleaning

Only 35 Days Left until Christmas. We hope this article about Christmas House Cleaning Tips will help you to prepare for this year’s holiday season.

We all like to look at pretty pictures and talk about decorating for the holidays. We like to read all the blogs, pin all the pictures, and plan out our holiday decor. Fun fun fun. But for some of us, eh hem, we need to stop dreaming all day about decorating and focus in on something that should come first. I know. Killjoy.

If our home is filled with clutter, too much stuff and is just generally not clean or tidy we should really address those issues first. I know. Hate me. But then we can start holiday decorating with a fresh clean foundation, and that is where the real fun is! Remember one of my favorite little sayings, “You don’t want to put lipstick on a donkey.” That idea cracks me up every time. But it is true. Lipstick on a donkey is not really the look we are going for.

4 Christmas House Cleaning Tips

1) Get a jump start.

To get a jump start, I like to grab a box and run through a room of the house, tossing in miscellaneous decor that I don’t need for the holidays. It is fun to make it a game to find maybe 5 to 20 things per room that you don’t need right now. You can do the same thing with clutter, make it a game to run around picking things up. You can even get the kids involved. Getting a jump start is usually all it takes to get me on a roll and motivated to do more.

2) Break it down.

If you wait until Christmas it almost here to start cleaning, you’ll be frustrated and overwhelmed by all you have to do and it will probably make Christmas less than the warm cozy holiday you dream of.

Maybe pick one room to focus on per week (or every couple of days if you need to hurry through) and perhaps work on your bathrooms a little bit each week. That seems doable, right? It does to me and I think I’m going to take myself up on my own challenge. If you don’t need to de-clutter that many areas, maybe just pick one or two rooms and give yourself a week or so each to whip them into shape top to bottom. However you do it, break it down into a manageable project. You can do this! I can do this.

3) Maintain.

Once you get on a roll with cleaning and de-cluttering, you’ll be inspired to keep going. You can then work on maintaining each room you’ve cleaned and de-cluttered so it doesn’t get out of hand again. Spend a few minutes every day putting that clean room back to clean. I’ve noticed with myself that if one of my rooms gets super cleaned and organized, it is much more fun to keep it looking good and I enjoy the process all the more. It is always easier to maintain than to start over again. Kind of like dieting. But let’s not talk about that.

4) Reward.

Once a room is clean and organized, THEN add a little Christmas to the room! You’ll feel an immediate sense of reward for your effort!

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