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Christmas Cleaning Tips to Prepare Home

There are many activities happening around Christmas; hence planning would be essential to ensure that a person is not confused and overwhelmed.

The activities range from christmas cleaning, shopping, decorating, and scheduling a party with loved ones.

The house needs to be ready for the family members and friends who will be coming to visit.

The planning may include moving a few items and cleaning the rooms that may not have been in use for a long time; hence a lot of dusting will be needed.

One needs to start working towards a memorable Christmas at least two months before the day.

Here are some Christmas cleaning tips to ensure that you are ready for Christmas in no time:

Tips for Christmas Cleaning

Create Lists to help you with Planning

House Cleaning

One should consider coming up with lists that include a cards list, gift list, to-do list, shopping list, baking list, and party list.

These lists will help ensure that nothing is forgotten and that Christmas turns out great.

The cards list helps ensure that each of your family members and friends has received a Christmas card on time.

The gifts list ensures that you get the right presents depending on the likes and interests of individuals.

The to-do list is used to plan the activities that one would like to be involved in during the holidays, for example, dinner with family.

The shopping list may include several items needed in the house during Christmas. The baking list consists of the number of pastries that must be prepared for Christmas.

The parties list includes the number of parties one must attend during the holiday. The lists can be placed on the fridge so that each day you will know what you are supposed to do.

De-clutter and Donate

Christmas Cleaning Tips

One should go through the number of items in their house and consider which ones are for storage and the ones to be given out.

De-cluttering will create room for Christmas decorations, gifts, and more space for the guests.

Some toys the kids no longer need can be given to the neighbors as the Christmas season is also a time of showing love and sharing with the less fortunate.

Parents have a tendency to put all the toys that are not being used in a single room, and after it is emptied, they can be used to host guests.

The homeowner may consider giving away clothes, especially those that no longer fit. Christmas is not the same for everyone as some people do not have enough clothes or food to eat; hence sharing would be considered appropriate.

Decorate the Entrance to your House

Christmas House Cleaning

The entrance to your house should be well decorated as this is the first point guests notice when they visit.

Everyone visiting your house will have to use the entrance and should look as welcoming as possible.

The decorations at your house’s entrance will greatly affect the rest of the house and how guests view it.

The decorations do not have to be big, but hanging a few Christmas flowers on the door would play a part.

The homeowner can opt to hang a wreath on the door by placing a hook on top of the door then a ribbon is used to hang it.

The door should be cleaned by removing the cobwebs and then wiped with damp clothing.

Use Strategic Lighting

Christmas Home Cleaning

The homeowner should consider buying Christmas lights if they do not only have some.

The lights should be placed strategically, such as outside the house, to give it an amazing view at night.

If the homeowner is planning a Christmas party, the lights can also be put inside the tent where the party will be held.

The more lights on the outside, the better the house will look. In houses with kids, the lights should be high above to stop the kids from trying to reach them.

The homeowner should avoid putting the lights in dark corners that are likely dusty and full of cobwebs, as this would create an unpleasing view.

Pay Close Attention to Areas that People will Spend a lot of Time In


The homeowner should pay close attention to areas that people will spend a lot of time in during the last days of Christmas preparation.

These areas include the dining area, bathroom, and kitchen, as they are most likely to be visited by all the guests.

The homeowner should ensure that the dining table and chairs are well-cleaned, including on the bottom.

The walls in the dining area should also be scrubbed a few days before Christmas as this is a place where people spend most of their time and is likely to get dirty often.

Create a Christmas Mood With Scented Candles and Baking


Scents such as cinnamon and cloves are common during Christmas, and they help create the ambiance needed during the season.

The scented candles are available in various stores, and these can be combined with the normal candles during dinner. The candle should be placed out of reach for children.

One should also consider baking Christmas cookies as this help give the house a great aroma.

The kids can help bake the Christmas cookies, which will make them excited about the holiday as it is not cleaned.

Make Sure the Bathrooms are Properly Cleaned

Baking soda and vinegar should be used to scrub the bathroom floor and wall.

The toilet seat should be cleaned with normal detergent and disinfected. The bathroom mirrors and doors should also be kept clean.

Having the right equipment to clean the bathroom will ensure that one uses the least time possible to clean it.

The bathroom will most likely be visited by every guest who visits the house hence is crucial in the christmas cleaning process.

Wrap Your Gifts Perfectly


The gifts should be wrapped early enough to avoid last-minute rush or delay on when the individual will receive their gift.

For kids, the earlier they receive their gifts, the better it will as this will keep them excited throughout the day.

One can check online on how to wrap gifts to avoid having a messy presentation. Less wrapping paper should be used to make the gifts more presentable, less bulky, and tidy.

Double-sided tape ensures they are clean lines, and a ribbon should be added to complete the look.

Buy Goods Online

The holiday season is characterized by crowds of people filling the shopping malls, loud Christmas carols from all speakers in the mall, and long traffic lines.

One can escape these by shopping online on sites such as Amazon and eBay. A wide variety of goods are available in online stores, and one can almost find everything they need.

Some items needed during Christmas preparation include brooms, floor, and detergent.

However, you should ensure that you order the goods early enough to avoid delays associated with the Christmas cleaning season.

One would have to find a story to tell the kids if the gifts were delayed.

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