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Tips to clean a Bathroom_comp

10 Tips To Green Clean a bathroom

I think we’d all be hard pressed to find anyone who likes to clean a bathroom, (especially the toilet) but what makes the whole ordeal even worse is having to use harsh chemicals to clean it. The smell alone is
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Rental Inspection Tips

7 Useful Rental Inspection Tips

At some stage of our lives, most of us have all rented a property. Whether it’s been your own rental, or living with friends the mad rush of cleaning and tearing your hair out to get the place ‘perfect’ is
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Cleaning to Impress

Cleaning To Impress Unexpected Guests

Cleaning to impress unexpected visitors can be such an adventure. In this article, Bernadette Janson shares what happens when your cleaner is on a leave and unexpected visitors are on their way. A cleaning to impress: How many things can
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Lies about organizing your home

9 Lies You Tell Yourself About Organizing

Don’t let these common misconceptions derail your organizing and decluttering efforts. Having trouble staying organized at home? We hate to break it to you, but it might be you (not your stuff) that’s the problem. We asked professional organizers to
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Cleaning Tips

Top 40 Best Ever Cleaning Tips

Learn how to clean like a champion with this list of the best-ever household cleaning tips and hints. From cleaning up broken glass to deterring pests or tackling stains on clothes and furniture, we have 40 simple, natural solutions that
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Pet Friendly Home

A Pet Friendly Home

Keeping your home clean and fresh and your furry friends happy with these clever ideas for a pet friendly home. With a little forethought, you can come up with decorating and cleaning solutions to counter sharp claws, muddy paws, moulting
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