How Do You Remove Cat Pee Smell

How To Get Rid Of Smell Pet Urine From Carpet

How Do You Remove Cat Pee Smell?

Dealing with the stubborn smell of cat pee can feel like chasing a ghost. It lingers, making even the cleanest homes feel unwelcoming.

Fear not! We’re here to help you banish that pesky odour once and for all.

This guide will walk you through the most effective methods to remove the cat pee smell, using simple, everyday products. Whether it’s a recent accident or an old stain, you’ll find the right solution here.

Let’s dive in and reclaim your fresh-smelling home!

Pet stains can be particularly challenging to deal with, but with the right approach and tools, you can successfully eliminate the odour and keep your home fresh.

This guide will provide you with practical steps and expert tips to tackle this common issue effectively. Ready to get started?

Let’s dive in and restore the comfort and cleanliness of your home!


Before diving into the cleaning process, it’s essential to gather all the necessary materials. Having everything ready will make the task smoother and more efficient.

  • Paper Towels: For blotting up the initial mess.
  • White Vinegar: A natural deodorizer that neutralizes the ammonia in cat urine.
  • Baking Soda: Known for its odor-absorbing properties.
  • Enzyme Cleaner: Specifically designed to break down the proteins in urine.
  • Vacuum: To clean up the dried baking soda.

By preparing these items in advance, you’ll be well-equipped to tackle any cat pee smell with confidence and ease.

Step-by-Step Cleaning Process

  1. Blot the Area

    • As soon as you notice the accident, use paper towels to blot the urine. Press firmly to absorb as much liquid as possible.
    • Quick Tip: Avoid rubbing to prevent spreading the stain further.
  2. Vinegar Solution

    • Mix equal parts white vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Generously apply the solution to the affected area and let it sit for a few minutes.
    • Why It Works: Vinegar neutralizes the ammonia in cat urine, effectively combating the odour.
  3. Baking Soda Treatment

    • Once the vinegar solution has dried, sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda over the area.
    • Extra Tip: Baking soda is a natural odour absorber and will help to further eliminate any lingering smells.
  4. Enzyme Cleaner

    • Apply an enzyme-based cleaner according to the instructions on the product. These cleaners are designed to break down the proteins in urine, ensuring deep cleaning.
    • Expert Advice: Enzyme cleaners are essential for removing deep-set odours and preventing future marking.

Following these steps will help you effectively remove the cat pee smell and keep your home smelling fresh.

How Do You Remove Cat Pee Smell

Understanding Cat Pee Smell on Carpets and Rugs

The cat pee smell on carpets and rugs can be particularly challenging to remove due to its strong and persistent odour. When a cat urinates on a carpet or rug, the urine soaks deep into the fibres and padding, making it difficult to clean thoroughly.

The ammonia in cat urine not only produces a strong smell but can also attract the cat back to the same spot if not properly cleaned.

Why Cat Pee Smell is Stubborn:

  1. Deep Penetration: The urine seeps into the carpet fibres, padding, and sometimes even the subfloor.
  2. Ammonia Content: Cat urine contains ammonia, which has a strong odour and can linger for a long time.
  3. Bacterial Growth: Urine provides a breeding ground for bacteria, which contribute to the smell.

Tips for Effective Removal:

  • Immediate Action: Blot the area as soon as possible to absorb as much urine as you can.
  • Use Enzyme Cleaners: These break down the proteins in the urine, effectively removing the odour.
  • Avoid Ammonia-Based Cleaners: They can make the smell worse and attract the cat back to the spot.

By understanding these factors and following the appropriate cleaning steps, you can effectively tackle the problem and maintain a fresh-smelling home.

For persistent odours or extensive damage, professional cleaning services like Adelaide Super Maids can provide the thorough cleaning needed to fully eliminate the smell.

Carpet Steam Cleaning to Get Rid of Cat Pee Smell

Carpet steam cleaning can be an effective method to remove the cat pee smell, as it penetrates deep into the carpet fibres and padding, reaching areas that traditional cleaning methods might miss. Here’s how it works:

  1. Deep Penetration: Steam cleaning uses hot water and steam to reach deep into the carpet, helping to loosen and lift urine particles.
  2. Sanitization: The high temperature of the steam kills bacteria and neutralizes odours, providing a thorough cleaning.
  3. Removal of Residue: Steam cleaning extracts the cleaning solution along with dirt, urine, and bacteria from the carpet.

Steps for Effective Steam Cleaning:

  1. Pre-treat the Area: Use an enzyme cleaner to pre-treat the stained area before steam cleaning.
  2. Steam Cleaning: Use a professional-grade steam cleaner, or hire a professional service to ensure deep cleaning.
  3. Post-Cleaning: Allow the carpet to dry completely to prevent mould and mildew growth.

While steam cleaning can be highly effective, combining it with enzyme treatments ensures the best results.

For thorough and professional cleaning, consider hiring a service like Adelaide Super Maids, who have the expertise and equipment to handle pet stains and odours effectively.

How Do You Remove Cat Pee Smell

Choose Adelaide Super Maids to Get Rid of Cat Pee Smell

How do you remove cat pee smell? Removing the cat pee smell can be tough, but with the right help, it’s manageable. Here’s why Adelaide Super Maids is your best ally:

  1. Specialized Pet Stain Expertise

    • Our team is trained to handle even the toughest pet stains and odours effectively, using proven methods and products.
  2. Eco-Friendly Solutions

    • We prioritize the health of your family and pets by using environmentally friendly products that are safe and effective.
  3. Advanced Equipment

    • Our state-of-the-art cleaning equipment penetrates deep into carpet fibres, removing stains and odours that household cleaners can’t reach.
  4. Convenience and Time-Saving

    • Hiring our professional team saves you time and effort. We take care of the deep cleaning, allowing you to focus on other important tasks.
  5. Prevention Tips and Maintenance

    • Beyond cleaning, we provide advice on preventing future accidents and maintaining a fresh-smelling home.
  • Experience: With years of experience in the cleaning industry, we understand the challenges of dealing with pet stains and odours.
  • Professional Service: Our reliable, friendly, and efficient service guarantees satisfaction.
  • Comprehensive Cleaning: Our services extend beyond just carpet cleaning, offering a full range of home cleaning solutions.

Ready to enjoy a fresher, cleaner home? Visit Adelaide Super Maids and book your service today.

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What if the smell persists?

If the smell lingers, repeat the cleaning process. Persistent odours may require a second round with the enzyme cleaner to fully break down all the urine proteins.

It’s best to avoid ammonia-based cleaners. Cats might mistake the ammonia smell for urine, which can encourage them to pee in the same spot again.

While enzyme cleaners are the most effective, you can also try using a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda for tough stains.


Removing the cat pee smell requires patience and the right tools, but it’s entirely manageable. By following these steps and using the recommended products, you can ensure your home stays fresh and odour-free.

Quick action and thorough cleaning are key to tackling this issue effectively.

For more thorough cleaning, consider professional help. Adelaide Super Maids offers specialized services to handle pet stains and odours, ensuring your home remains a pleasant and inviting space.

Visit Adelaide Super Maids to learn more and book a service today. Let us help you maintain a clean, fresh-smelling home!

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