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How to Live Peacefully with a Messy Partner

Messy partners can be challenging to live with, especially when they expect you to clean up all their mess.

Most newly wedded couples or students residing in hostels can identify with this as they are used to living alone.

One may end up frustrated or depressed if they do not have tips on handling such situations. So, here are some tips on how to live peacefully with a messy partner:

Tips for Living with a Messy Partner

Write Down a List of Things that Bother You

Partners may have many things in common that help them enjoy living together, but this does not come without a list of differences.

The differences mainly arise in cleanliness, whereby one partner is unwilling to take care of their messes.

The best thing to do in such a case is to note down a list of things that bother you about your messy partner.

The list will help you figure out whether you can live with your partner or not since everything does not have to be done on your terms. Some mistakes, such as how your partner folds their clothes, can easily be ignored.

Create a Personal Space

Personal space is considered a sanctuary in which your partner will avoid messing around, and you can use this place to meditate.

Meditating in a cluttered house can be quite difficult because of the dirt and the items falling over.

One will be forced to clean up before meditating, which will take a lot of time.

Personal spaces may include dividing shelves to ensure that your clothes and other items are uncluttered, and your partner has to clean up their shelves.

The amount of effort needed to clean up the house will be minimal compared to when you are sharing everything.

See things from your partner’s point of view.

The best thing about using your partner’s point of view is that it could help save a relationship. If you live in a messy house, you should not judge your partner.

Your partner could be considering the mess that you see as a clean environment; hence understanding them would be important.

Your partner could also be very busy such that they have no time to clean up. For example, your partner could have two jobs to provide for their family; hence you may consider cleaning up the house.

Putting yourself in your partner’s situation will help you understand the situation better.

Try Communicating with your Partner

Observing how untidy your partner is and cleaning after them is not a long-term solution as one could easily bottle up feelings of anger and explode on their partner.

Such explosions could permanently damage relationships; hence effective communication should be considered once you start observing patterns of uncleanliness.

One may consider having a sit-down with their partner and talking about the things that bother them. The partners may consider having weekly meetings after the sit-down to discuss their progress toward their goals.

Through this, their relationship will be strengthened, and they will live in a clean house.

Consider Trading Activities

If your partner does not like cleaning up, then you may consider a trade whereby you do all the household chores, and they buy the groceries.

If in a hostel with other students, you may consider cleaning up the room and asking for the other roommates to help you with the rent.

By this, none of the partners will feel cheated, and they both benefit from each other’s activities. A clean home is very important; everything possible should be done to ensure that the tidying up and organizing are done.

Effects of Living in an Untidy House

Messy Houses are Often Associated with Anxiety

Having a cluttered home makes one overwhelmed as they keep imagining how much work they have to do.

A messy home makes it impossible for one to concentrate and can easily lead to anxiety, especially when working.

When working, the eyes can barely focus on the document since there are many misplaced objects around the house.

Failure to submit work on time will make the individual even more anxious and could lead to depression in case of job loss.

A clean home makes one feel at ease, and tasks are easily planned since everything is visible.

Dirty Clothing May Affect One’s Health

Dirty fabric is a common source of allergens, dead skin cells, and body oils which can easily contribute to various skin conditions such as pimples and eczema.

Dirty clothing could also lead to a foul odor in the house; hence one should consider at least doing their laundry once a week.

A smelly home will be unattractive to guests, and the people living there will not be at peace.

A dirty house could easily ruin someone’s reputation, and friends will no longer accept the invitation.

Home to Rodents and Other Parasites

Rodents can easily find a hiding place in piles of dirty clothes and papers, which makes it a risk for those living in the house.

Rodents such as rats are known to be carriers of diseases like rat bite fever, hantavirus, and plague.

Rodents could also chew clothes and important documents, which can be a significant loss to the homeowner.

Where the house is made of wood, the rats could easily chew off the basement and cause the house to sink.

Makes it Difficult to Clean and Get Ready in the Morning

A cluttered house makes it impossible to move around hence difficulties getting ready in the morning.

One may end up getting to work late because they cannot find their clothes or even wear dirty clothes because laundry has not been done in weeks.

A cluttered house could still lead to spillages on clothes and work documents when one is getting ready in the morning.

Messy Homes are a Hiding Place for Mold

Failure to clean your house may make it difficult for one to notice dump areas that act as breeding grounds for mold.

Common signs of exposure to mold include headaches, sore throat, and congestion.

Mycotoxin mold has been linked to cancer, liver, and kidney failure.

It is almost impossible to eliminate mold from your house, but one can easily identify areas that are susceptible such as roofs, basements, and pipes.

Mold can still grow on food; hence one should be careful when cleaning the refrigerator. Protective clothing should be worn when cleaning to avoid exposing the body to mold.

Messy Partner Psychology

People with mental health issues react differently to clutter some prefer cleaning as a way of relieving themselves from a stressful day, while others just lay around leaving the dirty dishes and clothes untouched.

However, people living in cluttered houses are most likely depressed; hence one should consider talking to their partner about what could be affecting them.

Clutter is often associated with negative emotions such as irritability, tension, and confusion. However, cleaning up helps one control their emotions and can help relieve stress.

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1. How to live with an untidy person?

Write down the things that bother you and consider talking to your partner.

2. Is untidiness associated with depression?

Untidiness is one of the symptoms of depression.

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