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Christmas Cleaning Tips – Top Tips to Prepare Your Home for Christmas

Originally posted @ Help Me Clean. With just over 4 weeks to go until Christmas, you may be wondering how you will fit it all in! With the shopping, decorating and parties there is little time left over for getting the house in shape ready for hordes of visitors.

We have put together our top time saving tips to have you ready for the 25th in no time!

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Inspired Holidays : Clean Your House for Christmas (4 Christmas House Cleaning Tips !)

Originally Posted @ The Inspired Room. Only 35 Days Left until Christmas. We hope this article about Christmas House Cleaning Tips will help you to prepare for this year’s holiday season.

We all like to look at pretty pictures and talk about decorating for the holidays. We like to read all the blogs, pin all the pictures, and plan out our holiday decor. Fun fun fun. But for some of us, eh hem, we need to stop dreaming all day about decorating and focus in on something that should come first. I know. Killjoy.

If our home is filled with clutter, too much stuff and is just generally not clean or tidy we should really address those issues first. I know. Hate me. But then we can start holiday decorating with a fresh clean foundation, and that is where the real fun is! Remember one of my favorite little sayings, “You don’t want to put lipstick on a donkey.” That idea cracks me up every time. But it is true. Lipstick on a donkey is not really the look we are going for.

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9 Lies You Tell Yourself About Organizing

This story originally appeared on Good HousekeepingRe- Posted from Womans Day

Don’t let these common misconceptions derail your decluttering efforts.

Having trouble staying organized at home? We hate to break it to you, but it might be you (not your stuff) that’s the problem. We asked professional organizers to reveal common decluttering missteps they often see tripping up people’s best intentions.

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52 Ideas to Organize Your Home: An Organizing Tip a Week

Originally posted @ She Knows. Helping you to organize your home ! An idea a week to get organized. “Organize” is a familiar word on many of today’s popular decorating shows. Every family has its struggles with clutter — whether it’s stacks of papers or a cluttered and cramped bathroom. Here are 52 ideas you can use right now or space out over the course of a year. Even if you follow just one of these tips a week, in a year from now, you’ll finally be organized!

Think you’re the only disorganized person in your neighborhood? The National Association of Professional Organizers reports that we don’t use 8 percent of the stuff we keep. We wear 20 percent of the clothes we own, while the other 80 percent hangs there just in case, and 25 percent of adults say they pay bills late because they lost them.

If you have stacks of papers, frazzled mornings or lost car keys, use the following ideas to help you organize your family and home!

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Top 40 Best Ever Cleaning Tips

Originally posted @ Home Life. This cleaning tips are brilliant ! We just had to share it with you.


Learn how to clean like a champion with this list of the best-ever household cleaning hints and tips.

From cleaning up broken glass to deterring pests or tackling stains on clothes and furniture, we have 40 simple, natural solutions that work.

 Cleaning Tips 2

1. Eucalyptus oil removes the gummy residue left by shop stickers.

 2. Buffing a marble tabletop with car polish leaves a thin, invisible film that helps reduce the risk of stains.

 3. To remove furniture indentations from pure wool carpet place a tea towel over the area and then press with a warm iron. The heat will lift the fibres. Do not attempt this with synthetic or a wool/synthetic mix carpet.

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4 Quick Tips For Living With a Messy Person

Living with a messy personOriginally Posted by Jessica Rose from Savvy Organization @ Herald Extra  .

We hope this article will bring a little bit of peace to everyone who is living with a messy person.

When it comes to organization, there are two types of people: those willing to put in the time to live a clean and orderly life and those who are not.

It can be difficult to keep your cool when everyone is making messes and you are the only one cleaning up, especially in a roommate situation. You want to live in a clean and organized home. You feel that everyone living there should share the responsibility. So, what can you do to make your home a nicer place to live?

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A Pet-Friendly Home

Pet Friendly Home - Adelaide Supermaids

Pet Friendly HomeArticle Originally Posted @ betterhomesgardens . 

Keeping your home clean and fresh and your furry friends happy with these clever ideas.

With a little forethought, you can come up with decorating and cleaning solutions to counter sharp claws, muddy paws, moulting hair and the occasional accident.

1. Upholster sofas and seating with stain-resistant fabric that can be spot cleaned. Leather may be durable and wipe-clean, but it is still subject to pet wear and tear and sharp nails. So, protect your sofa arms from scratches and pulled fabric threads with arm covers to match your sofa. And consider shop-bought slip covers. They suit most standard sofas and are available in durable, easy-wash cottons.

2. Cover the bristles of a broom with a stocking, and use it to sweep up clumps of pet hair from both soft and hard flooring surfaces.

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Spring-Cleaning That Won’t Take Over Your Life: 8 Hours, Start to Finish

Adelaide House Cleaning - Bedroom Spring Clean

Originally Posted by Lynn Andriani @  . We hope this amazing article will help you to get your home organised in just one day ! 

Go beyond the weekly dusting, sweeping and mopping to get your home deep-cleaned—all in just one day.

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